Prices and Terms and Conditions

1. The counselling appointment lasts for 50 minutes

2. Appointments are held weekly at the same time, on the same day and at the same venue

3. Sessions are charged at £55 per 50-minute session or £100 per double session


4. Preferred method of payment is cash. Cheques are also acceptable

5. It is recommended that counselling sessions are booked in blocks of six or twelve.This is a way that clients can demonstrate their commitment to working through issues in their relationship

6. Forty eight hours notice is needed if for any reason clients are unable to attend a session.Every effort will be made to fit the session in at another time in that week, but if that is not possible, a cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellation fees are £55 per 50-minute session and £100 per double session.

7. The counselling is private and confidential and all information about the client and the counselling is held in confidence. No client names or information will be given to anyone outside the this organisation unless it becomes known that a third person, especially a child, is at real risk or harm or that a serious crime has or is going to be committed. In any of these circumstances, a breach of confidence may be neccessary but disclosure will be kept to a minimum and not made without prior consultation with the counsellor's supervisor and, if deemed neccessary and relevant, local advisors and whenever possible, the client(s).